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Price list

All written charges are tax not included.

Sink washstand・Closet・Gas range ¥15,000~
Ventilation fan・Range hood ¥15,000~
Bathroom・Washstand・W.C. ¥15,000~
Inside high-pressure washing of an air-conditioner. ¥8,000~
Air-conditioner exterior unit high-pressure washing. ¥8,000~
Entrance, porch tile cleaning chemicals. ¥15,000~
Carport cleaning. ¥20,000~
Carpet washing. ¥2,000/㎡~
Floor coating. ¥3,000/㎡~
Housework, Help clean up ¥3,000/1h~
Cleaning of a used housing. ¥1,500/㎡~
Cleaning new buildings completed. ¥500/㎡~
Chemical cleaning exterior wall tile. ¥1,000/㎡~
Bleaching the wood of Japanese-style room ¥25,000/坪~

All prices are basic. Depending on your work you, your budget, etc. to the consultation.
If less than ¥ 15,000 price is a separate business trip I might get work price.
Parking cost, a highway toll, etc. may be separately obtained according to the situation of a work spot.
Since an estimate is no charge, please do not hesitate to ask.
Other exterior wall cleaning, chemical cleaning tile, high pressure cleaning various flooring, light fixtures, glass sash, blinds, Japanese-style washing lye Shiraki, Shiraki Shine regular cleaning, office, shop, clinic, condominium, apartment, room cleaning, termite ant-proof construction, grease trap cleaning, remodeling, weeding, acting housework, helping clean up the mansion, such as garbage, of various tasks.